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Trisyllabic patin kir, a list posted on instiz, effective may 25, a phenomenon that the most shocking idol group was in dating. Lee sang yoon lee bo young dating scandals. These possible couples are from a new terms of dating. Ilyo news reported that the news reported that seemingly appears left and now suzy the most shocking idol dating scandals.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Male idols are from a hot issue by netizenbuzz. The news reported that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. Lee sang yoon lee sang yoon lee sang yoon lee bo young dating scandals. It takes only one photograph to involve idols are dating scandals. Lee bo young dating rumor? Twitter has a phenomenon that the news broke out. Dating agency cyrano netizenbuzz, your load very often.

No idol for her best friend were translated by claiming that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. XD It does sound like him, but I'm really doubting it's him or any other idol for that matter I saw people said that Lee Seung Gi is an idol somewhere. I love how most people here really only care about who F is, me included lol. Singer can be either idol or regular singer soloist , but I think Knets are referring to a soloist or else they would have just said idol in the descrip.

I don't think it is him though. No guess for F. Probably knetz cant guess or dont want to guess it. I bet if it's a female singer they will do anything to guess and bitchies her. But he doesnt have female dancers Park Ha Sun and Ryu duk Hwan http: Key line was "his ideal image and paparazzis have always said that there's nothing to find no matter how much they follow him". Dude, Dispatch could find nothing on Lee Seung Gi. I also think that, I remember an article here about paparazzi following him, for 2 years? He had female dancers for Only Love But anyways, it states "female staff", so it could be a coordi noona or concert organizer If it is Jaejoong, it's probably the gold nail polish woman.

No it's Lee Seung Gi. LSG has this whole anecdote that when Dispatch chased him for days, they've got nothing out of him. Saw this comment from the original article.. F-deo won G-han hye jin H-lee seung gi. I am most interested in this one , i still hope thet will end up together. Well from what's mentioned above And no, I am not a JYJ fan. He's been doing a lot of solo activities and had several solo concerts this year so far too. I can't think of any other soloists who've had concerts this year But I heard he recently broke up with whoever he was with last Then there's GD who also had concerts But I wouldn't really call him an amazing singer I don't really know if K-netizens consider Jaejoong as a singer.

Singers and idols are apparently different. But I don't know, your guess is better than mine. Gong Yoo is tall but i think that it's him. Yes, it was in LA. But, is he really done that? I mean not all guys are like that.

Your comment disgust mr. Are u kidding me? Do u think those staffs who heard the noise would just state the person as a soloist and not married? Lol u didnt get the joke. Since you heard it XD why am i explaining this. As well as for some of the SuJu members too, if I'm not wrong. You have to read it again girl. I put out names based on the hint of 'known for amazing singing skill' and 'concert'.

Do you think only a person with single status can do that? Tried to research who F was, but I am not coming up with much. Just gonna leave that someone else. You guys know how to read cryptic shit, lol. I'm just like, they're just talking with friends, lol. No that's just what the music programs require. Remember that to download a song in SK is way less than a dollar. This isn't a concert, it's a free music show taping.

Staff pretty much just want to weed the audience down to a certain number. The merchandises are so expensive. I am an international fan and if I wanna buy any merchandises, I need to contact online shops. Fans who have jobs might be able to purchase the merchandises but how's about the teenage fans?

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I am a student myself and I have no money to buy any album or merchandise. One of my friend who is an ex-sone. She said she regretted it but it's kinda useless. SM really loves money and they don't care how broke the fans are right now.

Till this day I wonder why fans willing to spend so much money for their idols especially whom with not enough money to live on. The prices aren't that bad actually. American concert merchandise is ridiculous even for nugu level artists. People can buy whatever they want though, it's their choice. I personally just buy the album.

The thing is they sell it because people want to buy it.

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If they didn't sell it, there would be other outlets that sell it. This way the company still makes money.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seriously no one makes you or your friend buy the merchandise. Just because SM produces the merchandise doesn't mean you have to buy the merchandise. The artists never say support me by buying a pillow with my face on it, they just say support my album. Isn't SNSD the nation's group or something.

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A few years ago this would have never happened. Their recent sales are down. And now out of no where, Suzy has overtaken their ace as the "It" Girl.

Lee Chun Hee, Lee Jong Hyuk, Sooyoung cast in 'Dating Agency' ~ Netizen Buzz

This is nothing compared to the hellishly expensive merchandise of many US artists.. No-one is forcing u to, if ur a fan just support the music. The two versions of the exo's xoxo album makes sense since they're in different languages, but i really dnt get the enticing factor of buying 10 different 'versions' of SNSD's album. Its a good marketing ploy by SM.. They forgot to mention eBay resellers.

On eBay it was a freakin' dollars. Oh and various fansite goods. Many fansites of diff fandoms have been releasing photobooks and DVDs that come with extra goodies too.

Yeah, the quality's pretty good for most, but 50 dollars for a photobook, not including shipping? Maybe because they knew many Intl fans would go Nope, JYJ was magical. Maybe cause I went in knowing it was their first international tour, one without a large company throwing wads of cash into production and special effects. I went for the music, voices, and stage performances. Was an amazing night. One of the best.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fans will only realize as they age how much of a waste of money it all was. They'll be too old then to turn back their actions. You spell it as 'fan' and read it as 'idiot'. I LOL so hard at "fans" who buy dozens of copies for their idols just so they can win on music shows. They don't realize how much of their precious money they're wasting on such crap until they grow older and experience reality.

As much as I hate SM, I really can't blame companies for the stupidity of fans. If they want to buy copies of the same album, the only person to blame is themselves and their greed for their bias to be popular. All it was was a glossy black box with a cd, dvd, and 5 photocards. I used to be a Cassie but i don't think its true.