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2) Karaoke

Get your fitness up by jogging with your other half and experience the truly magnificent view from the Tree Top Walk. Another day for another island exploration! Hope to Coney Island which is just a distance away from the Punggol waterway. Have an amazing day out with your special one at this Singapore south eastern area.

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Drive to Pasir Ris Industrial park to park your car and walk around 10 minutes to the east entrance, read Sengkangbabies. Jump around with your beloved other half and unleash your inner child! Caring for each other while playing is indeed a sweet gesture. Show your best care while having fun! There are a number of trampoline parks located all over Singapore. Go for an arty day and appreciate the world of art at the Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Rd, Singapore , which is located close to Labrador Park. Immerse yourself in the contemporary arts of Singapore.

Singing together at K-Box might not be enough for you two. Look at those cute birds chirping and singing the most amazing songs. Find them on facebook here. Old but gold, go back to your childhood memories together with your grown up partner, and let the small cute child in you come out and play! As only a few of these are conserved you have to go deep into more remote places.

Here is a short list: These playgrounds will not only unleash your inner child, it will bring back the sweet childhood memories. An emotional journey and one of the best dating places indeed! Car Tax Structure and Rebates.

Premium Petrol Vs Regular Petrol: When to Send Your Car for Servicing? Is Your Airbag Light On? Road Tripping Through Pennsylvania. Carro simplifies car buying, selling. Beep Beep - 0. In fact, they may think you have no life outside of work at all! My advice is for singles to talk more about topics like hobbies, their favourite movies and music, their treasured childhood memories, places they have travelled, and so on. This will let your date get to know you more on a deeper level, rather than just a one-dimensional person who only knows how to work.

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  • Instead of letting negative talk pollute your date, talk about things that make you happy instead. Also, remember to ask your date questions about themselves from time to time, and try not to talk about heavy topics like politics or religion. However, it is definitely a mistake to allow your past experiences turn you off dating entirely. I would like to encourage all singles to try and let go of their emotional baggage, so that they can find happiness sooner.

    We had a client who went out on eight dates in two months since joining us in July I am happy to say that he got into a new relationship with his eighth date. Well, we all know the old joke about Netflixing and chilling being a euphemism for… well. Bring on the snacks, yo, or get some unhealthy food stuff to munch on via Deliveroo, Foodpanda, or whatever choice delivery services you want. Sure, Singapore always gets flak for being so darn small, but despite that, we still do have several places to fish, or prawn. Want a quiet, leisurely activity in a tranquil place with your partner?

    This is the perfect activity for that. Best yet — you literally get to sow the seeds of your reward as you can grill your finds afterwards!


    Do you and your partner consider yourselves to be intellectual people? Crack your minds over mind-boggling puzzles, intriguing plots, mysterious clues and a whole bundle of nerves as you feel the time ticking away in your bid to escape the room. Sick of the usual fine dining-movie combo?

    15 Top Ideas for Unique Dates in Singapore

    Class it up by going to Smith Marine Kelong Restaurant, an almost extinct breed of a floating restaurant, located off the coast of Singapore where they serve the freshest seafoods like clams, lobsters chili crab, mussels etc. Alternatively, catch your own fish and take it home for SGD15 or have them grill it up for you in their restaurant for SGD How to get there? And yes, it is SGD regardless of how many people there are in the boat.

    Reservations also have to be made three days in advance so a lot of planning has to be involved. It is located at Pulau Ubin Coastal Area, and is open daily from 10am — 7pm. They are contactable at Ride the toboggan slides, ogle at the igloo sculptures, marvel at the fake snowy city, build a snowman with your loved one and just indulge in all sorts of snowy, childish delights for a moment of a winter wonderland, away from the usually too sunny Singapore weather. Kayaking is always a fun activity, regardless of who you go with — your BFF, family, friends — and even your beau!

    Make it a personal challenge not to capsize, and if you do, whatever, right? All in good fun. We have an article to share with you the best places to kayak at — check it out! For more information on Kayaking destinations, click here. Sick of the usual tall sky-scrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city? Whisk yourself back to the nostalgic past and indulge in something touristy — riding a trishaw with the beau.

    For a more dynamic experience, you can also choose to customise your own experience — be it an engagement, or just a simple date.

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    Prices start from SGD63 per trishaw ride, for a minute experience. Opens daily rain or shine from 11am — 9pm, with the last trishaw departing at 8pm. For more information, click h ere. Come in with your bae to have an absolute smashing time literally , in The Fragment Room where you can just let your inhibitions fly.

    Dating Mistakes In Singapore: What Singles Are Doing Wrong

    Break some stuff, and go wild. Gaze at the stars with your lover, in the privacy of your little tent, adorned with beautiful fairy lights — truly, the very definition of romantic! Prices go from SGD for a minimum of 2 pax. The check-in time is at 3pm, and check-out is at 2pm. Check out their website here. Hate the thought of getting out in the hot, sweltering sun, travelling back and forth, breaking a sweat, but really like the thought of going on a brand new adventure?

    Have your very own pseudo- adventure through a VR experience — because thankfully, technology has marched far enough for the lazy peeps out there — that we can experience the thrills of adventuring, solving crimes, fighting baddies, and even experiencing zero-gravity scenarios, all without even having to break a sweat, or be in any real danger, for that matter. Alternatively, for a low-budget version, indulge in a nostalgic favourite and go for an arcade-date with your bae. To book, click here. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

    30 Fun And Cheap Date Ideas Below $20 - The Singapore Women's Weekly

    Float along the coasts of Sentosa, sizzle up some juicy meats, enjoy a Margherita or two, sit back, and enjoy your own little private enclave atop the sea. Send them your contact information via Facebook page to be notified of future bookings. Read their Facebook page for more information.

    Bowling — a classic activity to break the ice. Get competitive with the S. Prices start from SGD4. It has six outlets in total, which you can refer to here. If you must know — then yes, you actually can dive right here, in Singapore. No need to pay some exorbitant fee to some exotic country.