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They have been in the family for nearly years that we can trace. They stand approx 30 cm tall. Both a little different. Eyelashes and markings but basically a pair. Gold has worn away a lot on collar, and black on lead has also worn away. Just wonder if they would be worth anything. Thanks for reading the article! The market for Staffordshire animals and dogs fluctuates but there are typically always collectors on the lookout for good and rare pieces.

I have an Can I send a picture. I believe it is one of a pair, but I only have the right. It stands about 7.

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The paint job on this dog look in very good shape and there is some crazing but not all over. On the bottom there is scuff type marks close to the edges.

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Maybe you can tell me what I have and if it has any value. They are mainly white, but have a black nose, black eyes and spots which seem to be green in colour overlaid with gold detail. The ears and tail, also the collar and padlock are the same colour. The feet have painted black claws. On the bottom there is a red mark, which appears to be a form of dagger. Sorry should have added that the decoration is slightly different on each one, although the colours are the same. The gold although shiny appears somewhat flat.

I have a Staffordshire dog approx. I really looks as genuine, with a small vent hole at the back, not slip-casted and in excellent condition. I have taken some pics and can send to you. Please help in telling me if it is authentic and what the approx. Staffordshire dogs are some of the most reproduced figurines in the world.

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A big difference is that old figures were made in press molds vs. The uniform dime size holes from slip casts at the base prove a modern reproduction. Color on the figurine. Authentic pieces will have soft gold trim, likely with some wear. Reproductions are more likely to have bright and shiny gold instead. Along the same vein, scratching in the glaze on the base of the figure indicates that a manufacturing mark has been scratched off, implying a reproduction.

Dog figurines come in pairs, but once again, any uniformity gives it away. Mass-produced figures have the exact same look, but old, authentic pieces will have slight variations from being handmade. Dogs that look like exact mirror images side by side are reproductions. Modelled as a black spotted hound, crouching over a bone, whilst a brown spotted dog stands over. The hound wearing a collar, and having a chain lead tethered to the underglaze cobalt blue mound base, which in turn, has a continuos gilt line. A Pair of Antique Staffordshire Dogs.

A great decorative item for the fireplace. A very fine Staffordshire hen on nest Made of bisque Victorian in age A fine example Size overall length 8 inches Overall length 8 inches Slight nibbles to base on inner rim, nothing to worry you Please view all pictures. Rare Pair of 19th. There is an old restoration to a front corner of the base and another to the child's hand - see photos. A genuine Victorian Staffordshire pottery Hen basket C Nice basket molded base for eggs, Hen top sitting on eggs. A rare genuine Staffordshire Lioness and cubs group c Well modeled and decorated, good clean pottery.

Lovely Yellow Staffordshire pottery house, mushroom shaped roof decorated with flowers and a orange chimney. We will do our best to fulfil your query.

We will work with you and help you to the best of our ability. It was mde in two halves as can be seen in photo. I am not sure who she is. These impressive Staffordshire spaniels are in white with hand painted gilt highlights and pink noses with yellow eyes. This is a classic example of Staffordshire spaniels made in the Victorian era for mantle pieces.

The earthenware models depict two seated spaniels wearing collars and gilt chains in the traditional white glaze with spotted gilt highlighting. Large Antique Staffordshire cup, more of a tankard really in brown and white. Mid 19th Century, maybe a bit later with the fan type decoration.

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Spill Vase which dates from circa Cromwells Antique Centre is open. Both wear traditional gilded collars and have hand painted faces and paws.

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A lovely antique Victorian Staffordshire pottery. Cromwells Antique Centre is open from. Small hairline on pen holder, chip on tips of Birds wings and tail.

Please see photographs for condition. Despite having no cracks, when flicked it still makes only a dull ring, though I asure you it is crack free. We beleive this is circa , though have not been able to date the mark exactly as it is feint.

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Charming little Staffordshire group of young man and his girl standing beside a pedestal with a tub of flowers. Highly desirable and very rare antique Staffordshire Poodle and Puppy recumbent on a cobalt cushion base, dates to and in excellent antique condition. These appear to be earlier than most examples you see and date from the 1st half of the 19th century.