Hong jonghyun dating scandal

We could finally see each other at 11PM. I felt sad, frustrated, and bad, I couldn't blame anyone. But I'm still thankful that I'm able to date her. Park Min Woo is much better.

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Dear God, not Jackson. He already ships himself with anything that breaths and moves. And I love JackJi's relationship, but quite a few delusional fans have already crossed the line.

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Seo Kang Joon had this mysterious and handsome aura to him and than on roommate he kinda appeared as an airhead and ruined that image he built. That's why many actors avoid variety shows cause it can damage their image.

Like Kang Dong Won and Wonbin want to keep that mysterious image hence why they avoid media all together. Seo Ji Sub got tons of flack for appearing on infinity challenge for ruining his mysterious image. Kang joon ruined his image at season 1. Season 2 is alright because he mostly with Jackson and they're fun. And Victoria was dating Changmin. Honestly, it's not their fault the fans took it as more than a show.

It always happens and will keep happening as long as this show is on air. When the dating rumor hasn't break, I thought Yura and Jonghyun are cute cause they look like the anime couple y'know, cool guy with cheerful girl with all the fluff. But after the rumor broke out It's kind of sad to see Yura tried so hard to make the show worth watching while there's a possibility that Jonghyun just simply doesn't want to do the same: Love Jang Su-Won, he is so funny!

NB can you translate this article about gag concert and Junsu fans http: I thought no minwoo hurt his image season 1 and kang joon got more roles from it Yes although I think some Khuntorians are annoying but I do understand why they become like that lol it shows that Khun and Vic both worked really hard. Jackson saved him on Roommate S2. He will ended up like Minwoo if Jackson's not his roommate.. Yeah poor minwoo he was barely showing in the season No Min Woo was not on Roommate.. Lol No Min Woo is an actor that netizens think he's gay because he looks like a girl..

Yeah I guess he kinda got lucky with roommate selection. The only time I noticed him was with Jackson, on his own he was just calm, handsome, and oh so very dull. No, but I wouldn't cast him on a variety show again. I agree he is just aloof and would rather just lay on a couch and do nothing, while Yura was high on meat and sugar and full of energy. Blame WGM for pairing a couple that didn't fit rather than blame him for having a stiff and standoffish personality.

The first few episodes were very obviously awkward but I thought he improved near the end? It was kinda cute to see how he was more receptive to Yura's skinship and even initiated some on his own. Why is this such a big deal.. I'm sure Yura didn't give a shit either. That was not my point. That's sad to know, about Kang Joon. Sometimes there's air-headed people why can't we love them too: These gifs of Khun are killer though. Yura's mother was kinda hot! Suho is my bias on EXO too.. I pity him at first because EXO Ls like to bully him but he climbs up to my bias list. People pity her because of WGM but ended up liking her..

K-netizens criticize Hong Jong Hyun for his cold attitude off camera

The only thing that annoys me about Yura is the way she laughs but all in all, she's such a charming lady. And he was much more talkative and smiley back then. His personality is more chill and quiet. I personally couldnt watch his and Yura episodes because I didn't like Yura's personality.

Hong Jong Hyun says he didn't realize his scandal with Nana was such a big deal ~ Netizen Buzz

Well, looks like I'm the only one waiting patiently for the end of We Got Married. I'll be chill and waiting.. Lol, sorry i think Kimmyungsoo talked about kangjun only before she edit her comment.. I think it would have been smarter for the company to just focus on letting him act instead of forcing him on variety shows.

Well, it shows how professional he is. They both worked hard even though it's not real. Everyone knows it's a scripted show and they did the best at their part. I bet people will say shit at him if he treats Vic the other way around. But for the delulu Khuntorians shippers, it's their own fault because they can't tell apart from reality and a show. Seriously I anticipated his and Yura's couple so much but the poor girl was left looking like the only one who even tried. I understand that his concept was the cold chic guy type but he forgot that he's at least supposed to look attracted to his partner and not just treating her like he's only tolerating her.

Ho Clan,you dont like me right? Am I the only one who likes him with Yura? I mean, he can be senseless and emotionless sometimes, but he treats Yura right tho. Not a big fan of WGM, but their scenes were the most natural and not forced to me. They're quite slow in skiship but that's normal tho. Also, I don't get why ppl said that he doesn't care for Yura at all when he actually took care of everything.

He's like big brother taking care of his little sister.

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Lol I think like that too with Baekhyun and Taeyeon. They look like siblings. But some people said if you're real couple somehow you will look like each other lol. That's true, even SoRim LTE couple fans who were mad at her for saying wgm was only work, calmed down now and leave positive comments on her articles for her acting work or later wgm episodes. Not many hate her, just more fame more haters.

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It benefited her, jessi and cheeta the most. Jimin's song is performing the best as its high on the charts and has very good radio play, if anything it gave her high public recognition than just being known as that short bob cut aoa member with a nasal voice. I dont think its necessary for someone to experience husband-wife relationship with their fake partners.

His acting is ok, I saw Cunning Single Lady and his weekend drama. He's not Siwan, Joon or even Hyungshik levels but he's not bad in the roles he had up to.

It's honestly amazing watching the differences in reactions. I'm not going to lie though, Nana and Jonghyun make a really cute couple. They were so obnoxious and happy all the time! Minah and Kwanghee were a match made in heaven and Lee Hyun Woo kept up with them with his adorkable hot self.