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Hundreds of parents across the north and north-east are failing to pay their ex-partners the money they should to provide for their children. In a centuries-old tradition, Kirkwall was transformed into a full-size sports field as residents came out in full force yesterday for the Kirkwall Ba'. A man was rescued in the early hours of this morning after going overboard near the Crockness peninsula on Hoy in Orkney. Coastguard search and rescue helicopter Rescue was tasked earlier today to attend to an injured crewman aboard a fishing vessel northeast of Orkney. Dozens of residents in Orkney are preparing to come together this Christmas day to celebrate the yuletide season as a "family".

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A year-old woman has died following a one-vehicle crash in Orkney last week. The incident happened at around 7. She was treated at Balfour Hospital in Orkney before being transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary but died yesterday afternoon. Join for Free Now! David 41 Chris 44 Alan 47 Daz 49 loz67 51 mystifie.. Ian, 40 Orkney Islands, Work. Craig, 33 Orkney Islands, Kirkwall.

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Bobby, 42 Orkney Islands, Tankerness. Martin, 44 Orkney Islands, Tradespark. Emilio, 45 Orkney Islands, Kirkwall. Jane, 43 Orkney Islands, Marwick.

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Jenny, 46 Orkney Islands, Stromness. The dwellings contain a number of stone-built pieces of furniture, including cupboards, dressers, seats, and storage boxes. Each dwelling was entered through a low doorway that had a stone slab door that could be closed "by a bar that slid in bar-holes cut in the stone door jambs". It included a primitive form of toilet in each dwelling.

Seven of the houses have similar furniture, with the beds and dresser in the same places in each house. The dresser stands against the wall opposite the door, and was the first thing seen by anyone entering the dwelling. Each of these houses had the larger bed on the right side of the doorway and the smaller on the left. Additional support may come from the recognition that stone boxes lie to the left of most doorways, forcing the person entering the house to turn to the right-hand, "male", side of the dwelling.

One house, called House 8, has no storage boxes or dresser. It has been divided into something resembling small cubicles. When this house was excavated, fragments of stone, bone and antler were found.

It is possible that this building was used as a house to make simple tools such as bone needles or flint axes. House 8 is distinctive in other ways as well. It is a stand-alone structure not surrounded by midden, [15] instead it is above ground and has walls over 2 metres 6. It has a "porch" protecting the entrance.

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The site provided the earliest known record of the human flea Pulex irritans in Europe. The Grooved Ware People who built Skara Brae were primarily pastoralists who raised cattle and sheep. Limpet shells are common and may have been fish-bait that was kept in stone boxes in the homes. This pastoral lifestyle is in sharp contrast to some of the more exotic interpretations of the culture of the Skara Brae people.

Skara Brae

Euan MacKie suggested that Skara Brae might be the home of a privileged theocratic class of wise men who engaged in astronomical and magical ceremonies at nearby Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones of Stenness. There are many theories as to why the people of Skara Brae left; particularly popular interpretations involve a major storm.

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Evan Hadingham combined evidence from found objects with the storm scenario to imagine a dramatic end to the settlement:. As was the case at Pompeii, the inhabitants seem to have been taken by surprise and fled in haste, for many of their prized possessions, such as necklaces made from animal teeth and bone, or pins of walrus ivory, were left behind. The remains of choice meat joints were discovered in some of the beds, presumably forming part of the villagers' last supper. One woman was in such haste that her necklace broke as she squeezed through the narrow doorway of her home, scattering a stream of beads along the passageway outside as she fled the encroaching sand.

A popular myth would have the village abandoned during a massive storm that threatened to bury it in sand instantly, but the truth is that its burial was gradual and that it had already been abandoned — for what reason, no one can tell.

The site was farther from the sea than it is today, and it is possible that Skara Brae was built adjacent to a fresh water lagoon protected by dunes. A number of enigmatic carved stone balls have been found at the site and some are on display in the museum. The spiral ornamentation on some of these "balls" has been stylistically linked to objects found in the Boyne Valley in Ireland.