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Stassi records her phone conversation with her best friend. How to look your hottest with less than a month to do it. Three years ago, dating was very different for Stassi. Emma freaking Roberts in Stassi's home? The "Vanderpump Rules" female bestie threesome is treating this podcast episode as if it's their personal diary. Stassi prepares for a natural disaster and bids farewell.

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There's been an earthquake warning for the state of California. Stassi's favorite witch doctor, Amberleigh Carter, joins her to explore eating behaviors and dating behaviors. Stassi's best friend from home is her polar opposite. Stassi wanted to have a Whora Whora experience in Bora Bora.

Stassi meets one of her idols Kristin Chenoweth. Stassi has the opportunity of a lifetime when she interviews one of her idols.

Straight Up with Stassi

Stassi is having her summer of yes. Stassi is exposing her "summer of yes". Stassi is getting raw with her dating life.

Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson. Stassi hung out with Chad. Witch doctors cured my hangover. Stassi is at an emotional rock bottom. Stassi has a Witch Doctor! Stassi is going through a break up. Stassi is joined by Craig Conover from one of her absolute favorite shows. Stassi has an emotional breakdown. Stassi is going through an emotional rock bottom with her break up. Stassi is answering your emails.

Hell has frozen over. Stassi is having one of those awful days where everything is going wrong.


Little Bro Nikolai is Back. Nikolai helps his sister Stassi answer listeners' questions.

What do you do when you have a roommate from hell? Annabelle DeSisto joins Stassi for a special 2 hour episode. To move or not to move? Stassi answers your questions. Stassi's Stream of Consciousness. Stassi is left without a guest. Are pool parties really necessary? Stassi gives her Memorial Day pros and cons. Rachael O'Brien thinks Stassi might get framed for a murder. Comedian Rachael O'Brien pops in and tells Stassi about about the worst day of her life.

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? Stassi needs some Mom Medicine. Stassi's Mom is here to help her daughter out of her Mercury in Retrograde fun.

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Little Bro Nikolai Gives Advice. Stassi's 11 year old brother, Nikolai, stops by to give some therapeutic advice. Stassi is joined by her OG, Kristina Kelly. Stassi recaps her Mercury in Retrograde moments from Connecticut. Rachael O'Brien helps Stassi enter adulthood. Comedian Rachael O'Brien joins Stassi to recount the last three days. Mercury in Retrograde is here again and is stalking Stassi. Stassi is joined by her favorite vegetarian wino for some honest and open updates.

Stassi's new extra weekly podcast episode, Ask Stassi, is all about answering your questions. Stassi is joined by her best friend from high school, Sheena Mannina. Tom Schwartz is here, and he's not throwing beer. Stassi's answering your emails. Stassi is answering listener emails. I'll get Scheana Shay the pinot grigio.

Stassi has her comedian bestie Rachael O'Brien join her to discuss a major murder house situation and answer listener emails.

Katie Maloney unfiltered, bitches. This moment has been a loooonnnggg time coming.

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Stassi is is preparing for the end of the world. Stassi might be preparing for the end of the world. Stassi is answering your email questions Stassi is recapping the Scream Queens conference at Paley Fest and answering listeners' emails. Stassi is in NYC. We've got the wine hookup. Cameron Hughes joins the podcast to teach Stassi everything you need to know about wine. Stassi is officially doing two podcasts a week! Comedian Rachael O'Brien joins Stassi to kick off the start of her two-a-week podcast!

Patrick Meagher, Stassi Schroeder’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts |

Is Mercury in Retrograde happening again? Stassi feels like a peasant at the Grammys. Stassi is joined by her wildest friend Kellie Decker. Stassi goes to Sundance. Stassi's radio host boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, joins her for his second episode, where the two cover a million topics.

Stassi is joined by comedian Jaclyn Marfuggi. Comedian Annabelle Desisto joins Stassi for a holiday vacation recap. Stassi is joined by her two oldest childhood friends.