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I really wonder what the members think about the whole situation and Sungmin in general.. Would Ryeowook have spoken on something if he wasn't enlisted? Not that I want to give them credit for anything, but this feels more like shade towards Kangin than Sungmin. I think they were still operating on the assumption that both KyuWook were possibly going to enlist in instead of just Ryeowook. Also going to add Heechul's "We are Super Junior!


I'm tempted to say Eunhyuk could be included with the members that look like they support Sungmin, even if he did post about a completely unrelated wedding around the same time as Sungmin's wedding timezones make things awkward, so I can't tell which day it was exactly. I believe that in the group leeteuk is the one with the biggest temper which is weird bcuz he is the leader. He shouldn't be like that imo.

Why all the fuss about one person getting married?? I really do wonder if there are background issues we don't even know about I thought that they would be more understanding, especially about something like marriage, because they're older but even after 3 years, it's still only the younger members being supportive.

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I can't speak on the members because I don't know how they think, but some other users and I came to the assumption that most of the "sungminout" people were akgaes of donghae and kyuhyun and gave 0 shts about sungmin. And I wouldn't be surprised if half the members have issues with sungmin, ironic seeing as they preach this brotherhood of longevity.

I bet the older members were against the marriage from the start, while the younger members supported sungmin. Wonder if it has to do with their ages being closer? Seeing it all laid out like this makes a difference. How unsupportive Leeteuk and Heechul have been Leeteuk more so, because we all have this image of him in our heads, that he a kind and caring leader.

It doesn't mesh with this petty, immature response he's had to Sungmin recently. I don't want to lay all the blame on Leeteuk But he's the leader and the eldest. I have no doubt his opinions carry more weight than the other members'. Hopefully there's more to the story - stuff behind the scenes that we're not hearing about. It's too bad we'll never truly know.

The Reason Why Super Junior’s Kangin and Sungmin Did Not Perform at SMTOWN

I want to know how he feels Leeteuk is a major asshole honestly and Heechul is honestly just ugh. I am glad to hear not all the members are cold towards him. This was an interesting read, and I'm glad you compiled it all. I wasn't out here pointing fingers but this definitely made me see the situation in a new light. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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Super Junior's Sungmin admits the marriage rumor is true with a heartfelt letter to fans

Weki Meki announces debut date with mysterious '' concept What do all the '8''s mean? Akdong Musician to make a summer comeback this month YG is on a roll this year! Sungmin to sit out upcoming Super Junior comeback The Super Junior member has issued out an apology to fans. Signout Register Sign in. Super Junior's Sungmin responds to the rumours and controversy against him. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. The Super Junior posted up an explanation article on his Instagram.

KIM HEECHUL KISSED HIS GIRLFRIEND ( SJ comeback 8/10 " One more time")

OMG, too much happening to handle! Vertical Tabs Audio Track.

To Lee Sungmin Who is Now Dating (Long Post)

It is because of these incidences that Kangin and Sungmin are receiving pressure from a large portion of their Korean fans to not participate in group activates with Super Junior and to even leave the group. Ultimately the decision is up to the Super Junior members and their label, but the pressure from fans may definitely be apart the discussion, should that discussion even take place.

Do you think of the scandals that Kangin and Sungmin were involved in warrant that they not participate in activities with the rest of the members of Super Junior? Although Kyuhyun and Ryeowook will be serving their term in the army when the group returns later this year, the eight remaining members are still expected to make a strong impact on the music industry However, with just a few months remaining before their comeback it has become apparent that Super Junior is still being affected by scandals involving Kangin and Sungmin. Kangin The second incident made it seem, to fans, that Kangin had failed to seriously change his behavior from his first accident.

Sungmin In September of the same year rumors emerged of Sungmin and Saeun dating. A Year of Dismantlement.