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And somewhere along the line, the internet dies, and phone numbers get exchanged.

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Are Indian women ready to meet for dinner, a man who she met over a dating app, right before lunch? Are we ready to cut the chase and meet an individual, without validating his caste, religion, monthly income and size of Lux Cozy briefs?

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Can a man, in modern India, get a woman to meet him for a drink, on the sheer premise that they found a picture of each other, enticing in one way or the other? Which is what irks me — for deep underneath our fashion labelled skin and Sunburnt desires no pun intended , lies a dhoti clad Indian man who sternly tells his daughter off for exchanging tiffin with the boy in her school bus, the Anu Aunty who reminds her son that one must go to school to get good grades, and not talk to the opposite gender, and the principle of the Government school who embellishes all of the above by passing a notice that boys and girls should be seated in different rows.

And what happens when these kids grow up to Swipe right on Tinder?

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Would you take cautiously tiptoe across the cultural divide in baby steps, being ultra weary of where you tread, in a manner that would make your forefathers proud, or would you look up to see which Pub in Indiranagar served the best Long Island Iced Tea, and make a reservation for the evening? There is hope for us.

Tales of Yore

Serendipity, if you may. Now, I believe, I am a man of logic and reason. Sensing the ending of this social endeavour, I politely apologised for being too presumptuous, and reiterated how I never meant to offend her sensibilities, in any way. And with that, I took my leave.

'How Tinder took me from serial monogamy to casual sex' | Life and style | The Guardian

As is often the case, P was very different in person, than how she had appeared to be, over text. The intention is something else, and I needed no more hints. Clearly, the evening was unfolding well. But I must say, that evening, it fueled conversation just the way well brewed beer, should.

Maybe it was us, or the common love for Robin Williams. Lots and lots of them. But I was also very quick to overrule the chances of anything positive coming out of it.


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Which is the most worth dating app out there in India?

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